Our staff is a very talented combination of certified, experienced teachers, mothers or a blend of both.  Each one of our teachers possesses a special strength in one or more of the following areas:  music, art, movement, counseling skills, foreign language, reading and readiness skills.  Also, we have aides and feel comfortable in using our volunteers and student interns.

Our director, Sue Neufeld, is an experienced early childhood educator with a Masters degree in reading.  She obtained her B.A. in special education from BGSU and taught for seven years at Woodlane School in Bowling Green.  Sue serves as a guest lecturer to area universities and has served on the Ad Hoc Committee on School Age Child Care (O.A.E.Y.C.).  Sue also teaches on a part-time basis for BGSU.

Also involved with the program is co-owner Ron Neufeld.  Ron holds a Masters degree in guidance/counseling and is currently a guidance counselor at Napoleon Middle School in Henry County.  In the summer, Ron is a full time staff member and directs the summer camp for school age children at Plan, Do and Talk.  Ron also has a private practice, Helping Children and Families, located next door to Plan, Do and Talk.

Guidance and Management

Teachers and staff at Plan, Do and Talk help children achieve self-control. This is carried out through appropriate guidance techniques, such as modeling, role-playing, and logical consequences of actions. For example, if a child uses his or her hands inappropriately, i.e. hitting: Then that child may be asked to role-play the situation again and make different choices in the situation. For a consequence, that a child may be asked to do something "good" with their hands. A note may also be sent home to the parent.

It is our belief that children are people and therefore should be treated as such. Our techniques of behavior management shall not intimidate, humiliate, shame, or frighten a child.

*We make the child aware that it is his/her actions of which we disapprove only, and not them as people.


It is very important to our philosophy that ratios are kept small at Plan, Do and Talk since we a very hands-ons discovery approach to learning.

Our ratios are as follows for our different age groupings:

Preschool 2 ½-3 yrs 5 children to 1 teacher
  3 to 4 yrs 12 children to 1 teacher
  4 to 5 yrs 12 children to 1 teacher
Primary 5 to 7 yrs 16 children to 1 teacher, 1 aide
PDT Club 6 to 12 yrs 15 children to 1 teacher