Our preschool accepts 25 students. We accept students for morning only or all day preschool which includes a rest time and/or play time. Our preschoolers are divided into 3 groups for developmentally appropriate experiences in math, language arts, science, fine/gross motor, and social studies.

The "arts" including music, art, movement, and performance play a vital role in learning at Plan, Do and Talk. Children are given daily opportunities in art and music experiences to build fine motor skills, gross motor skills, group participation and the recognition of artistic qualities found in everyday lives.

Child care is available before/after preschool on a daily basis or as needed between 6:30AM and 6:00PM .


Our primary school is a non-profit chartered school that accepts students in grades kindergarten to grade three. It is a mixed-age grouping with students collaborating in the learning process together. We have a maximum of 16 students with one teacher and one aide.

The primary class is a cooperative classroom where children are encouraged to interact in a positive way. Each day, students are given the opportunity to make choices so they become responsible for their own learning.

The students at Plan, Do and Talk have carefully designed hands-on learning experiences in different modes: independently or with a teacher/tutor, in large groups, small groups, and individually each day.

The curriculum incorporates all the language processes (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) in a meaningful context. This is called a Balanced Literacy approach, which values purposeful reading and writing. Also, our curriculum approaches math, science and social studies with a problem-solving approach.

As with the preschool, the role of art and music play a vital role in the creative learning experience at Plan, Do and Talk Primary School .

The PDT Club

The PDT Club (short for Plan, Do and Talk) is our befor/after school program open to children ranging in age from 6 to 12 years or first to sixth grade. The purpose of the PDT Club is to provide a safe, fun place where older children may come befor/after school and enjoy this time with friends and adults. The club is organized so members have a voice in decisions that are made about activities and field trips.

We have a maximum enrollment of 15 members per day. This program is for students who attend Plan, Do and Talk Primary School and students who attend BG City Schools. Transportation is provided by Plan, Do and Talk on a daily basis.

In the morning before school, children enjoy self-selected activities such as art, computers, puzzles, games, books and quiet conversation. In the afternoon, students arrive to a delicious snack! Structured activities are planned with input from members by PDT Club teachers. Examples include: science experiments, cooking, art projects, outdoor games and field trips. Students may choose to do homework if they wish, but are not required to do so. Enrollment is on a first come basis.


Summertime is a time when all children observe, explore, and question their environment. They instinctively push and pull, take apart and put together again, and smell, taste, and feel things around them. Our summer science program at Plan, Do and Talk nurtures and encourages this "natural" interaction between young children and their environment.

Our camps are divided into four sessions so that parents may enroll their child for one, two or for all summer. Each session is carefully planned by a camp counselor following a creative theme yet allows time for many appropriate summer outdoor experiences.

Preschool Summer Camp - The summer camp for preschoolers is limited to 15 campers per day. Preschoolers enjoy nature hikes, onsite swimming in small pools, many hands-on science experiences, and field trips and visits from area resource people. Children may enroll for half-day or all day but are required to attend a minimum of three days per week. Ages: 2 ½ to 4

Junior Camp- The junior camp for 5-6 year olds is limited to 15 campers per day. Junior campers enjoy nature hikes, swimming at a local quarry, outdoor cooking at parks, canoeing, many hands-on science experiences, and field trips and visits from area resource people. Junior campers must enroll for all day only and are required to attend a minimum of three days per week. Ages: 5 to 6

Summer Camp - The summer camp for older children is also limited to 15 campers per day. These campers enjoy a summer reading club, swimming at a local quarry, canoeing, archery, outdoor cooking, hiking, geocaching, and horseback riding. Summer campers must enroll all day 5 days a week. Ages: 7 to 12