Plan, Do and Talk is very lucky to have so many eager parents willing to help improve our school.  With the many talents and recourses, we have been able to improve our materials, equipment and activities – all to the benefit of the children!  The parents have formed a parent association to help with fund-raising and to assist with the school’s needs.  All parents are invited to become members.  Parents participate in parent meetings, our annual health fair, special celebrations, our annual art fair and auction and field trips.  Over the years, many parents have shared their talents fixing up our school!

  • We encourage parents/grandparents to visit, especially in the morning. It is important to your child that you have a through understanding of his/her day and what goes on. A phone call in advance is recommended if you plan on having a conference with a teacher. Upon entering the school, please notify the director or a teacher of our presence.
  • Any parent of a child enrolled in Plan, Do and Talk shall be permitted unlimited access to the school during its hours of operation for the purpose of contacting their children, evaluating the teachers and the program, and evaluating the premises.
  • Parent conferences will be held yearly for the preschool and twice a year for the Primary program. Parents may request a conference at any time